Plaster Evolution after 98 years

Plaster Adhesive Evolution after 98 Years

My friend put in Gumtree these AD to promote the production of the MCA:

Good day I would like to invite you to join me in the development, marketing & Export of a new innovative adhesive plaster dressing. There is nothing in the market that can do what this plaster can; No one in the world have it and is so unique that we will be making history, Wikipedia will write: The plaster was invented by, J & J, then 3M and Beiersdorf‘s copy the idea with little improvement, 50years later in 2018 Diego Singer Saul & ........................ transform the Humble Plaster into a Super Plaster that can do what no other plaster in the planet can, holding enough medicinal cream to calm the pain & heal the wound of a soldier or civilian on the go as a rubber ring act as a barrier holding the cream in place and stopping it to weakens the plaster preventing it from falling; For that reason the MCA will be in all the First Aid Kit all over the world…